In Season and Off Season

There are all types of riders that enjoy the motor sports, but I’ve noticed, there are definitely two different kinds of people when it comes to how they treat their life.

Some riders like to keep enjoying the motor sports year round, and some consider a seasonal thing. At the caddy ranch, there are all kinds of different options of activities that you can partake in while getting a some fun and exercise added to your day. Throughout the summer, the place sort of explodes with motor sports activities. The kids are usually on their summer break, adults are taking time off of work, and especially here in Oregon, we kind of know what the weather is going to be like throughout the day. Now, while some people like to take hikes throughout the summer, we find there is definitely a boost in how often we get hikers and trail walkers during the fall, winter, and spring seasons compared to the summer season. During the off seasons, there are tons of times when rain falls down, and some riders don’t like to ride in the rain because usually mud will make it a much harder clean job on their motor vehicle later on.


dirtbiking oregon

There are definitely times though outside of summer, where the riding really starts to perk up. On those weeks where it was raining off and on for weeks at a time, and then there is a clear week ahead, riders will come out in flocks and enjoy the off season activities. For some dirt bikers, they have red sticker motocross bikes, so they cannot ride it during the summer seasons due to the increased chance of them causing wildfire, so these people definitely take advantage of the fall, winter, and spring seasons to ride. Continue reading “In Season and Off Season”

Safety Concerns

I am not sure if it had to do with my recent post concerning Pokemon Go, or just the insane amount of people playing this hot new game, but please guys, stay safe.

This past weekend, we had too many instances with people riding their dirtbikes, quads, dune buggies, trucks, and what have you, around the property while playing the Pokemon Game. I am not sure if it had to do with trying to hatch eggs or you are busy hunting the pokemon, but we are going to have to make a couple rule changes regarding the use of playing Pokemon on our properties.

For starters, no Pokemon playing can be played while you are on a motorized vehicle on our property. This is for your safety, and our liability purposes. We do not want to mess with an excess amount of people getting hurt on our property because of their inability to take the eyes off the game. Playing the game on a bike on the concrete is alright as long as you keeping your eyes up and stopping anytime there is another vehicle nearby.

Sorry to have to bring this up but we do not want anyone to get hurt. Thankfully nothing has happened to anyone yet, but we just wanted to forewarn everyone of the new rules before they come by.

Pokemon on the Ranch

Our motto is the best reaction to whatever life throws at you is ACTION.

My nephews just downloaded Pokemon Go, which is one of the latest Pokemon Games to take over the public. But this one is very different than all of the games before. This game requires players to get out of their house and walk around where they can meet Pokemon on their phone. The game uses GPS coordinates and your camera to show new Pokemon that you have the opportunity to catch. There are also battles that you can do with gyms, or become a gym leader, battle with strangers, or just try and catch them all. They key to this game though is that you are not going to succeed unless you get out of your house. Most of the game’s mechanics work by walking, and lately, it has brought out many of house dwellers from out of their homes. People who loved to sit inside and play video games are now able to experience the hottest one on the market. So many of the game’s functions require movement to succeed. You cannot reach many Pokemon unless you move great distances and you cannot re-up on poke balls, potions, and other goodies without visiting poke-marts, which seem to be businesses or special locations around cities. Also, if you have two Pokemon breed to create an egg, that egg will not hatch without tons of movement. Remember how in the old Pokemon games, to hatch an egg, a certain number of steps had to be taken. Well, it’s the same with this special game. But you actually have to do the steps instead of pushing a button and an avatar does it for you. Continue reading “Pokemon on the Ranch”

Our Fourth was Great, Tell us About Yours!

Our fourth of July was a blast and definitely one to be remembered. We kept a lot of our surprises secret until the day of. So, for those of who that were not able to make it to enjoy the day with us, here is a little recap of the day’s events:

  • 8AM The dirt tracks have been freshly watered by our watering trucks, the main tracks are just getting finished being combed, and our early birds are beginning to trickle in. We had about 10 people show up at this point. Over half brough their motorcycle, a quarter with their ATV, and the others were there to enjoy the day with the family. This was aboutt the ratio that we saw throughout the day, although some people brought their trucks, jeeps, and cars with to play on the dirt and mud tracks.
  • 9AM The giant pool is starting to fill up. We began watering it at 2 AM and it took until 9 to really start filling up. This was a giant pool that had to be built that had a holding capacity of about 100 people. The food people start showing up. We had donuts, coffeee, eggs, pancakes, bacon, fruit, burgers, hot dogs, candy, and pies ready on the go for people throughout the day.
  • 10AM The brews start showing up. We went with the America Beer for the festivities this year. Most people thought it was Budweiser, but I assured them otherwise. For the next hour, the party slowed down, more people were showing up, but everyone was trying to get a nice beer buzz going to start the day.
  • 11AM Enough people are feeling a little buzzed and now the pool is really starting to fill up. The Party is just getting started.
  • Our live band shows up, we had Another Clan of Dawn’s Crack show up to play. They are a heavy rock group, not the screaming type but they sure know how to thrash on the guitar. Their set starts warming up and by 11:45AM, their performance is starting.
  • 12AM-4PM People are raging, the kids are enjoying their motocross racing and trail riding, some people are borrowing the dune buggies and are going out to adventure a cross the property. More and more trucks are coming in to enjoy our mud tracks. Water is starting to get displaced from the pool due to all the people in it. It was definitely over capacity, but we had 10 lifeguards on duty and there were no threats to be seen throughout the whole day.
  • 5PM More of the food starts to show up. We got Steak, we got prime rib, we got fries, we got guac, we go the whole enchilada! Seriously, we actually had large enchiladas for people.
  • 6PM What if I told you I was blacked out at this point until about 8PM, would you look down upon me?
  • 8PM The firework crew starts to show up with our amazing pile of fireworks to light off. I was getting hyphy at this point and was very antsy for the crew to put on an amazing show for our friends and families who were present.
  • 9:30PM The Sun is starting to reach the horizon and we are starting off the firework shoe. One of the best in town if I do say so myself.
  • 10:30PM After an hour long firework show, the nate is dying down. We throw back a couple of America beers with the people who stuck around with us, and we make sure to tell everyone to come back again!

Possibly the most fun night of the year so far. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the night so very special. We hope if you were not able to make it you still come down to Cadillac Ranch Motor Sports for a good and fun time!

Family Fourth Fun

At Cadillac Ranch Motor Sports, the fourth of July is one of our favorite events that we put on every year. Our motor sport enthusiasts have their sites set on the new year beginning at the start of summer. The first day of summer usually will fall around June 21st, on the summer solstice, but the true summer kick-off celebrations usually aren’t rambunctious and wild until the Fourth of July in America.

The tons of songs written by American artists, especially country singers that define what it is to be American set up many of their songs based around summers celebrating Fourth of July.


The traditional 4th of July celebrations consists of cookouts, family and friends fun, swimming, fun activities with the gang, and of course the firework celebration to seal off the night. If you’re looking for a cool clan of gals and dudes to kick it with today, come swing by and join us, for, we have all of the previous things listed going on, plus, motor sports!

Come join us for the fourth, Fourth of July party this year in 2016. We have a giant swimming pool with a capacity for about 50 people set up, a mud slide into a pond, a firework show, and of course, all the motor sports that are available. And it is all set up in a safe fashion. We had professionals come in and pave the dirt so it is safely maintained for all of our motor sport drivers. We had a team of contractors come out and create a 250 x 100 driveway done by our go to concrete contractor, to safely contain all of the vehicles and allow for everything to stay clean near the vehicles without kicking up dirt. By coming out and celebrating with us on the Fourth, you can bet that it’s going to be loads of fun that you’re going to enjoy on the day of, and keep you safe and in shape so you can go to work tomorrow, and the kids can get to enjoying the rest of their summer vacation.

If you need a little bit more convincing on where to spend your summer Fourth of July, let me tell you a bit of last year’s party, and some of the same stuff is included, while some new events and amenities will remain a surprise.

Fourth of July 2015, we thought we were going to be overstaffed because at 11 am, when we thought we were going to have too many employees on hand, and not enough party guests. We had a live band come play that was going to be arriving at 3pm, and water-slide coming in at 12pm, and all of the adult beverages were just arriving, but there were only about 6 guests at the moment. They were being treated like royalty at first due to all the staff being on hand and at their becokoning for the first couple of hours of the night. But, by 1 pm, we had over a hundred people on site enjoying all the of the food they could eat, the motors they can sport, the dancing they can have, and the swimming they could manage. The party was off the hook and it soon became hard to tell who were the guests and who were the employees.

mud slide fun

As the evening progressed, and as night fell upon us, it was time for the firework show over the pond. We had some really state of the art firework stands, mounts, shooters, and actual fireworks, and we put on one of the best country firework shoes you will ever see. The live band’s performance was absolutely in sync with the booms and the launching of the fireworks, and the night was certainly a treat to enjoy.

We love putting these events on, and we are expecting a size-able turnout tomorrow. We fully believe that we will be able to handle whatever the load people will be tomorrow, but just in case, show up early while the line for food should be somewhat short.

We are cooking up tritip sandwiches, hot dogs, polish dogs, double quarter pound hamburgers, and we also have a special onion sauce that can be poured over any of the loads of meats. Nothing like an American style cook-off to enjoy a fourth of July fun day.

Adult beverages will please be on hand. at the beginning of arrival, everyone must present their id’s if they wish to drink what we have to offer. We will have a lot of beers, lager, liquor, wine, and all other barely legal adult drinks on hand. If you plan on drinking, be prepared to present the identification, and have 1 X drawn on one of your hands while the young kids under 21, or those that are designated driving will have 2 X’s on your hand. If you choose not to present you id, you will have two X’s drawn on your hand immediately.

We hope to see you guys come by tomorrow. This is one of the first kick off parties we have this summer and there will surely be more special days to celebrate as we proceed with 2016!




Dune Buggy Racing

Dunes pose an amazing way to get outside and experience the rush of adrenaline in the drivers seat.  Whether you’re racing or just driving around in the sand, it’s too fun to pass up.  Dune buggy racing is one of the most affordable extreme sports to pursue, because most people simply rent out dune buggy’s and mess around on the abundant sand dunes in the area.  Safety is less of a concern, because most of the time when you fall off your ATV or dune buggy you’re falling on the comfortable sand.
 dune buggy
Other than Dune Buggy racing and driving not many extreme sports pose such a fun, safe experience.  The only other extreme  sport that can be as safe if not more safe is wakeboarding.  Wakeboarding is simply amazing in the summer.  When you fall of the board you’re hit with a gush of water and feel cooled off by the sudden water.  Falling off the wakeboard is never a painful experience ever.  I’ve never in my life heard of any wake boarder fall and hurt themselves.

Chances are if you live on the west or east coast you’ll see some sand dunes; especially Oregon.  Oregon is considered the sand dune capital of the country.  Medford, Florence, and Portland all have great sand dunes in the surrounding areas.  Many people can do more than just sand dune buggy racing.  A lot of people will simply bring sand boards and ride down the sides of the hills.  Sand boarding isn’t recommended as much because it’s a lot more than dangerous than sand dune racing.  When your sand dune racing you’re either in an ATV or a sand buggy behind lots of metal.  When you’re just sand boarding down a hill it can be very dangerous because your ankles are in an vulnerable arrangement.
Several times a year people travel from all over the world to thousand oaks dune park.  The world famous dune park in southern California is above and beyond any other park that competes.  The dune park is just outside of Pismo Beach, and boasts with all the best views of the ocean while allowing customers the privilege to benefit from huge sand hills.  There really is a difference between small and large dune hills.  Smaller hills are not as fun because the amount of tricks and air time you can get is limited.  Larger hills give the rider the ability to do more tricks and have more air time.  Danger is more relevant with larger hills, so it’s definitely recommended to be careful when riding around.
dune buggies
If you’re debating on a fun, outdoor, extreme, sport to pursue for the summer or just the weekend, dune buggy riding and racing is your sport.  Imagine beach camping for a couple weeks and then renting out ATV’s or dune buggies for a couple hours.  Most people never bring ATV’s or dune buggies, there simply too big and expensive for most people to travel with.  Like previously stated most people never own ATV’s or dune buggies when using them on the sand dunes.  Typically, you’ll see several different vendors that can give you the option to rent out different ATV’s from different people.  The choice is yours, it’s absolutely something to look into for summer outdoor activities to consider. It’s definitely on the top of my list for best summer experiences.

Mud Quad Racing

If you ever interested in quad racing or even better yet off road mud quad racing then we got you covered.  We have all the best race tracks and mud hazes you could ever imagine.  Everything is needed at our race track, just bring your quads and gear!  I can’t think of a more fun way to spend your hot summer day than by coming down to our race track and getting your ATV on!
Whether you’re looking to ride ATV’s or have a ATV party we got you covered.  It’s always a good time to go race in our mud haze field.  People often always wonder why mud races are more fun than regular race tracks.  The answer is simple, slipping and sliding on ATVS is way more challenging and fun than regular dirty paths.  Don’t forget to bring your camper when you bring your family with you.  Of course, just like motocross racing it’s important to bring company, food, drinks, and music.  If you like outdoor extreme sports that’s what you need.
quad and dog

Continue reading “Mud Quad Racing”

Trail Riding

Out her on the caddy ranch, there is a lot of space to roam around. We own about 1,000 acres of property, and it’s practically isolation out here. Miles away from the nearest road leaves a lot of space for some fun riding and motor sport action. We have a couple tracks set up for the motocross and atv racers and plenty more for the bigger vehicles, like rally car racing and dune buggy drifting.

With all these space, it is nearly impossible to build tracks and jumps across the whole property. It is somewhat of a mountainous area out here with trees everywhere as well as wildlife. Since you would be hard pressed to find yourself intruding on someone else’s property, we have fashioned out some trails for your to ride when you get bored from hitting the jumps and racing your compadres.

quad fun riding

The trails are not necessarily made my plan, more as default. As we have more and more riders coming by every year, you can’t help but go off roading a little bit. There isn’t much more an exhuberant feeling then digging out some land and creating a new path that has never been done before. Over the years these new tracks become part of an offroad trail that leads away from the main ones, and sometimes people will build their own little makeshift jumps and turns along the way. We absolutely encourage anyone to create your own dirtbike or quad paradise out in the middle of the country and have as much fun as you can manage!

Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, our family vacations consisted of exploring the open land of the state. We would take our dirtbikes, our quads, and our families and go explore the north, the south, the east, and the west of our starting point of the Missouri River. One of the most special parts of riding these trails was the vastness and the the thick layers of trees as we peered deeply into the forests ahead. We could be riding for miles and have no recollection of where we just came from because seeing so many trees causes us to lose some familiarity with our surroundings. These trips instilled in me that the best form of riding is trail riding. The explorer in me just had a passion for discovery, and each one of these trips was full of it. If I could choose something to do for the rest of my life, regardless of money. It would be exploring the entire United States land with just me, my wife, and my dirt bikes.

atv riding farms

Part of the fun of trail riding is not knowing what is going to be around the bend. All of the trails and land is safe for riding, but it can become a little exciting. One of the most exciting parts is turning a corner and not knowing what to expect. As you ride trails, you will find that nothing is familiar as it is with a track. On a trail, each piece of land you ride over is an accomplishment within itself. If you are of the explorer breed, come out and enjoy this nice parcel of property. You can bet your bottom dollar that it will be an exciting journey that you and your friends, and your family will certain cherish for your life times. Come on by to the Caddy Ranch!

Dirt Bike Fun

motocross track racing
Are you interested in off road motocross racing? What about mud motocross racing?  If yes, then you’re in luck.  Our facilities are the best in the area without a doubt.  Whether you’re looking to ride and race by yourself or maybe you have a group, we’ve got you covered.  We’re extremely popular in the area for our famous race tracks so you might need to schedule weeks in advance.  A typical day at the racetrack is a dirty one.  It’s important to always be prepared by bringing an extra pair of clothes, your clothes will get dirty.  Vital accessories like water, extra towels, and extra food can go a long way as well.
It’s important to know how to ride motocross as well.  The problem most people have is they think we supply the motocross bikes for customers.  Wrong, we only provide the race track to have fun on.  Bringing your own camper and motocross bikes is the first job.  After you have those you’re free to have as much fun as possible on our tracks.  Most people like to ride for a couple hours and then sit back and relax with their friends and family, exactly why you should bring a camper.
Jams don’t forget jams.  It’s so crucial to bring your own jams when you’re getting down and dirty on our race tracks.  Music is so important to have because it loosens you up and makes the day a lot more fun.  Without the music the day is dull on our tracks and there’s really no rhythm to vibe off of.  Be careful though.  A lot of people like to blast music.  It can get competitive for music playing when it’s a hot, summer day.  Hot summer days pose the best for riding on the race tracks and letting loose.  Without our world class race tracks and staff it’s very difficult to find any other motocross park that comes close to what we have to offer.  Look around in the area, you won’t find anyone remotely close.
It may be tough to find the right balance between having fun and motor cross being dangerous.  We’ve had motor cross customers that have a little too much fun and end hurting themselves or other customers.  This is why we have a strict no alcohol policy for any and all motocross customers.  It’s imperative to keep our customers safe and the company name safe from any lawsuits.  And believe me we’ve had unnecessary ones.  We like our customers and do everything we can to ensure their health and well being.  After all we are responsible for any and all accidents that take place on our mud and dirt tracks.  Again we don’t provide any motor cross bikes or safety equipment for any riders so it can be tricky to watch everyone.  It’s difficult to maintain everyone’s safety when it’s the weekend and there’s hundreds of people out riding around.  One slip up can cause many more to get hurt, it’s like a domino effect in the motocross world.  It’s okay though, they happen all the time and it’s hard to avoid.