Dune Buggy Racing

Dunes pose an amazing way to get outside and experience the rush of adrenaline in the drivers seat.  Whether you’re racing or just driving around in the sand, it’s too fun to pass up.  Dune buggy racing is one of the most affordable extreme sports to pursue, because most people simply rent out dune buggy’s and mess around on the abundant sand dunes in the area.  Safety is less of a concern, because most of the time when you fall off your ATV or dune buggy you’re falling on the comfortable sand.
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Other than Dune Buggy racing and driving not many extreme sports pose such a fun, safe experience.  The only other extreme  sport that can be as safe if not more safe is wakeboarding.  Wakeboarding is simply amazing in the summer.  When you fall of the board you’re hit with a gush of water and feel cooled off by the sudden water.  Falling off the wakeboard is never a painful experience ever.  I’ve never in my life heard of any wake boarder fall and hurt themselves.

Chances are if you live on the west or east coast you’ll see some sand dunes; especially Oregon.  Oregon is considered the sand dune capital of the country.  Medford, Florence, and Portland all have great sand dunes in the surrounding areas.  Many people can do more than just sand dune buggy racing.  A lot of people will simply bring sand boards and ride down the sides of the hills.  Sand boarding isn’t recommended as much because it’s a lot more than dangerous than sand dune racing.  When your sand dune racing you’re either in an ATV or a sand buggy behind lots of metal.  When you’re just sand boarding down a hill it can be very dangerous because your ankles are in an vulnerable arrangement.
Several times a year people travel from all over the world to thousand oaks dune park.  The world famous dune park in southern California is above and beyond any other park that competes.  The dune park is just outside of Pismo Beach, and boasts with all the best views of the ocean while allowing customers the privilege to benefit from huge sand hills.  There really is a difference between small and large dune hills.  Smaller hills are not as fun because the amount of tricks and air time you can get is limited.  Larger hills give the rider the ability to do more tricks and have more air time.  Danger is more relevant with larger hills, so it’s definitely recommended to be careful when riding around.
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If you’re debating on a fun, outdoor, extreme, sport to pursue for the summer or just the weekend, dune buggy riding and racing is your sport.  Imagine beach camping for a couple weeks and then renting out ATV’s or dune buggies for a couple hours.  Most people never bring ATV’s or dune buggies, there simply too big and expensive for most people to travel with.  Like previously stated most people never own ATV’s or dune buggies when using them on the sand dunes.  Typically, you’ll see several different vendors that can give you the option to rent out different ATV’s from different people.  The choice is yours, it’s absolutely something to look into for summer outdoor activities to consider. It’s definitely on the top of my list for best summer experiences.

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