Family Fourth Fun

At Cadillac Ranch Motor Sports, the fourth of July is one of our favorite events that we put on every year. Our motor sport enthusiasts have their sites set on the new year beginning at the start of summer. The first day of summer usually will fall around June 21st, on the summer solstice, but the true summer kick-off celebrations usually aren’t rambunctious and wild until the Fourth of July in America.

The tons of songs written by American artists, especially country singers that define what it is to be American set up many of their songs based around summers celebrating Fourth of July.


The traditional 4th of July celebrations consists of cookouts, family and friends fun, swimming, fun activities with the gang, and of course the firework celebration to seal off the night. If you’re looking for a cool clan of gals and dudes to kick it with today, come swing by and join us, for, we have all of the previous things listed going on, plus, motor sports!

Come join us for the fourth, Fourth of July party this year in 2016. We have a giant swimming pool with a capacity for about 50 people set up, a mud slide into a pond, a firework show, and of course, all the motor sports that are available. And it is all set up in a safe fashion. We had professionals come in and pave the dirt so it is safely maintained for all of our motor sport drivers. We had a team of contractors come out and create a 250 x 100 driveway done by our go to concrete contractor,┬áto safely contain all of the vehicles and allow for everything to stay clean near the vehicles without kicking up dirt. By coming out and celebrating with us on the Fourth, you can bet that it’s going to be loads of fun that you’re going to enjoy on the day of, and keep you safe and in shape so you can go to work tomorrow, and the kids can get to enjoying the rest of their summer vacation.

If you need a little bit more convincing on where to spend your summer Fourth of July, let me tell you a bit of last year’s party, and some of the same stuff is included, while some new events and amenities will remain a surprise.

Fourth of July 2015, we thought we were going to be overstaffed because at 11 am, when we thought we were going to have too many employees on hand, and not enough party guests. We had a live band come play that was going to be arriving at 3pm, and water-slide coming in at 12pm, and all of the adult beverages were just arriving, but there were only about 6 guests at the moment. They were being treated like royalty at first due to all the staff being on hand and at their becokoning for the first couple of hours of the night. But, by 1 pm, we had over a hundred people on site enjoying all the of the food they could eat, the motors they can sport, the dancing they can have, and the swimming they could manage. The party was off the hook and it soon became hard to tell who were the guests and who were the employees.

mud slide fun

As the evening progressed, and as night fell upon us, it was time for the firework show over the pond. We had some really state of the art firework stands, mounts, shooters, and actual fireworks, and we put on one of the best country firework shoes you will ever see. The live band’s performance was absolutely in sync with the booms and the launching of the fireworks, and the night was certainly a treat to enjoy.

We love putting these events on, and we are expecting a size-able turnout tomorrow. We fully believe that we will be able to handle whatever the load people will be tomorrow, but just in case, show up early while the line for food should be somewhat short.

We are cooking up tritip sandwiches, hot dogs, polish dogs, double quarter pound hamburgers, and we also have a special onion sauce that can be poured over any of the loads of meats. Nothing like an American style cook-off to enjoy a fourth of July fun day.

Adult beverages will please be on hand. at the beginning of arrival, everyone must present their id’s if they wish to drink what we have to offer. We will have a lot of beers, lager, liquor, wine, and all other barely legal adult drinks on hand. If you plan on drinking, be prepared to present the identification, and have 1 X drawn on one of your hands while the young kids under 21, or those that are designated driving will have 2 X’s on your hand. If you choose not to present you id, you will have two X’s drawn on your hand immediately.

We hope to see you guys come by tomorrow. This is one of the first kick off parties we have this summer and there will surely be more special days to celebrate as we proceed with 2016!




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