Our Fourth was Great, Tell us About Yours!

Our fourth of July was a blast and definitely one to be remembered. We kept a lot of our surprises secret until the day of. So, for those of who that were not able to make it to enjoy the day with us, here is a little recap of the day’s events:

  • 8AM The dirt tracks have been freshly watered by our watering trucks, the main tracks are just getting finished being combed, and our early birds are beginning to trickle in. We had about 10 people show up at this point. Over half brough their motorcycle, a quarter with their ATV, and the others were there to enjoy the day with the family. This was aboutt the ratio that we saw throughout the day, although some people brought their trucks, jeeps, and cars with to play on the dirt and mud tracks.
  • 9AM The giant pool is starting to fill up. We began watering it at 2 AM and it took until 9 to really start filling up. This was a giant pool that had to be built that had a holding capacity of about 100 people. The food people start showing up. We had donuts, coffeee, eggs, pancakes, bacon, fruit, burgers, hot dogs, candy, and pies ready on the go for people throughout the day.
  • 10AM The brews start showing up. We went with the America Beer for the festivities this year. Most people thought it was Budweiser, but I assured them otherwise. For the next hour, the party slowed down, more people were showing up, but everyone was trying to get a nice beer buzz going to start the day.
  • 11AM Enough people are feeling a little buzzed and now the pool is really starting to fill up. The Party is just getting started.
  • Our live band shows up, we had Another Clan of Dawn’s Crack show up to play. They are a heavy rock group, not the screaming type but they sure know how to thrash on the guitar. Their set starts warming up and by 11:45AM, their performance is starting.
  • 12AM-4PM People are raging, the kids are enjoying their motocross racing and trail riding, some people are borrowing the dune buggies and are going out to adventure a cross the property. More and more trucks are coming in to enjoy our mud tracks. Water is starting to get displaced from the pool due to all the people in it. It was definitely over capacity, but we had 10 lifeguards on duty and there were no threats to be seen throughout the whole day.
  • 5PM More of the food starts to show up. We got Steak, we got prime rib, we got fries, we got guac, we go the whole enchilada! Seriously, we actually had large enchiladas for people.
  • 6PM What if I told you I was blacked out at this point until about 8PM, would you look down upon me?
  • 8PM The firework crew starts to show up with our amazing pile of fireworks to light off. I was getting hyphy at this point and was very antsy¬†for the crew to put on an amazing show for our friends and families who were present.
  • 9:30PM The Sun is starting to reach the horizon and we are starting off the firework shoe. One of the best in town if I do say so myself.
  • 10:30PM After an hour long firework show, the nate is dying down. We throw back a couple of America beers with the people who stuck around with us, and we make sure to tell everyone to come back again!

Possibly the most fun night of the year so far. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the night so very special. We hope if you were not able to make it you still come down to Cadillac Ranch Motor Sports for a good and fun time!

2 thoughts on “Our Fourth was Great, Tell us About Yours!

  1. Wow! That sounds like the best 4th of July party I’ve ever heard of. I can’t believe I missed it. My friends and I went down to Elks Pass in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Off of highway 25. There are some great trails down there like the #1 Boundry trail. The conditions were awesome. There we some wind falls that have yet to be cleared but we’re not that hard to get over. We had a great time! However, I really wish I had know about your Party.

    How do I keep from missing out on future chances to enjoy what you guys are doing out there?

    Thanks for posting all this info. I love hearing about people enjoying off-Road fun in our state.

    J.T. Hiatt #371

    1. Hey Jeff, glad you are staying in touch with the latest going on over here! You can always check out our facebook page to hear about upcoming events!

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