Pokemon on the Ranch

Our motto is the best reaction to whatever life throws at you is ACTION.

My nephews just downloaded Pokemon Go, which is one of the latest Pokemon Games to take over the public. But this one is very different than all of the games before. This game requires players to get out of their house and walk around where they can meet Pokemon on their phone. The game uses GPS coordinates and your camera to show new Pokemon that you have the opportunity to catch. There are also battles that you can do with gyms, or become a gym leader, battle with strangers, or just try and catch them all. They key to this game though is that you are not going to succeed unless you get out of your house. Most of the game’s mechanics work by walking, and lately, it has brought out many of house dwellers from out of their homes. People who loved to sit inside and play video games are now able to experience the hottest one on the market. So many of the game’s functions require movement to succeed. You cannot reach many Pokemon unless you move great distances and you cannot re-up on poke balls, potions, and other goodies without visiting poke-marts, which seem to be businesses or special locations around cities. Also, if you have two Pokemon breed to create an egg, that egg will not hatch without tons of movement. Remember how in the old Pokemon games, to hatch an egg, a certain number of steps had to be taken. Well, it’s the same with this special game. But you actually have to do the steps instead of pushing a button and an avatar does it for you.

The reason I’m talking about Pokemon Go, because it is finally awakening some people who have been in the dungeon they call their home, and it is getting them up and moving about. I think this game is certainly revolutionary in today’s world and is bringing about unity among fellow Pokemon trainers around you. I think games like this are great because it is getting people to become more active and learn about what is going on outside their house.

We just wanted to let you know, that at Cadillac Ranch Motor Sorts, our property is huge. There is tons of ground that you can cover when searching for your next Pokemon to add to your collection. In fact, we have seen a couple of Pokemon that are somewhat rare around these parts. My nephew in a 2 hour span caught a Charizard, a Dragonite, and a Magmar. Yes, it can get a little hot out here, and we seem to have an abundance of Fire Pokemon. Luckily, they have not started any wildfires, so we do not mind having them around for the time being. Also, the main lounge here doubles as a Poke Mart. So while you are out riding or searching for Pokemon, you can come back to the lounge for a bit, relax, and re up on some Poke Balls and get back to catchin’ them all!


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