Safety Concerns

I am not sure if it had to do with my recent post concerning Pokemon Go, or just the insane amount of people playing this hot new game, but please guys, stay safe.

This past weekend, we had too many instances with people riding their dirtbikes, quads, dune buggies, trucks, and what have you, around the property while playing the Pokemon Game. I am not sure if it had to do with trying to hatch eggs or you are busy hunting the pokemon, but we are going to have to make a couple rule changes regarding the use of playing Pokemon on our properties.

For starters, no Pokemon playing can be played while you are on a motorized vehicle on our property. This is for your safety, and our liability purposes. We do not want to mess with an excess amount of people getting hurt on our property because of their inability to take the eyes off the game. Playing the game on a bike on the concrete is alright as long as you keeping your eyes up and stopping anytime there is another vehicle nearby.

Sorry to have to bring this up but we do not want anyone to get hurt. Thankfully nothing has happened to anyone yet, but we just wanted to forewarn everyone of the new rules before they come by.

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