In Season and Off Season

There are all types of riders that enjoy the motor sports, but I’ve noticed, there are definitely two different kinds of people when it comes to how they treat their life.

Some riders like to keep enjoying the motor sports year round, and some consider a seasonal thing. At the caddy ranch, there are all kinds of different options of activities that you can partake in while getting a some fun and exercise added to your day. Throughout the summer, the place sort of explodes with motor sports activities. The kids are usually on their summer break, adults are taking time off of work, and especially here in Oregon, we kind of know what the weather is going to be like throughout the day. Now, while some people like to take hikes throughout the summer, we find there is definitely a boost in how often we get hikers and trail walkers during the fall, winter, and spring seasons compared to the summer season. During the off seasons, there are tons of times when rain falls down, and some riders don’t like to ride in the rain because usually mud will make it a much harder clean job on their motor vehicle later on.


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There are definitely times though outside of summer, where the riding really starts to perk up. On those weeks where it was raining off and on for weeks at a time, and then there is a clear week ahead, riders will come out in flocks and enjoy the off season activities. For some dirt bikers, they have red sticker motocross bikes, so they cannot ride it during the summer seasons due to the increased chance of them causing wildfire, so these people definitely take advantage of the fall, winter, and spring seasons to ride.


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When it cools off a little bit, after a hot summer, riding for once in the cool breeze really can be a fantastic time. No longer do you have to worry about how much sweat is coming off, getting a constant change of clothes, and always sucking water out of the water bottle. During the off season, it’s time to bundle up, wear a  couple layers of clothes, and go out to explore the Oregon mountains. During the summer, it’s a lot riskier to go off track, but in the off season, that’s where the fun is at. You don’t have to worry about having a direct water source as rapidly, and it gives you a chance to explore different environments that are not normally accessible when the park rangers are out on full patrol.


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The best part about visiting our sites is that we have trail riding, and when have track riding, and then there is so much land that has not been constructed on that we allow our riders to explore at their own will! I’ve learned over the years that some of my most memorable motor vehicle trips happened when I went off the beaten path and saw new sights and created new memories by exploring what the off road nature had in store.

For the family fun and the explorers in you to come out, prepare for this fall, winter, and spring and load it up with outdoor activities that you can do wit your family and friends.

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