Insects and Animals Outside

Long before the days of constructing architecture, building homes, shaping landscapes, we were once primates living in forests, grasslands, and other landscapes just like the rest of the ecosystem. At one point, the ecosystem was shaped how the Earth developed over billions of years, now it is shaped and changed by what we did to it yesterday.

The plants and the animals of the world still sit by, and watch as us humans take over the environment that they once were able to enjoy freely. Since we have kind of pushed many of the plants, insects, animals, and other fauna to the side, we should be at least respectful and expecting of what kind of creatures we might encounter outside.



For people who spend most of their lives hanging out on the surface streets, big cities, and the suburbs of towns, they may be familiar with only a very few type of animals. Their cats, dogs, maybe some farm animals, and the pests that we have to call an exterminator for. A friend in the bay area of California who runs told me that some people were not even familiar with what a possum was and refer to them as giant rats when they call. It amazes me, and I’m sure mrabbits cadillac ranchany others that people don’t even know the vast diversity of animals that still remain on this Earth and share the planet with us. And that’s what I wanted to talk to people about before they go on and explore the lands around them.

We have tons of new visitors every year who come enjoy the land that we own. What surprises me is that people will sometimes let me know that there they saw a snake near one of the hills, or that there was a rabbit running in the field. They don’t seem to know that I share the land with the animals.

There are so many common animals that enjoy the forests, grasslands, plains, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, marshes, and other environments all throughout Oregon. We have a pretty full food chain just in our backyard. On a yearly occasion, you can spot the many bugs around, bunnies, snakes, hawks, eagles, deer, bear, and lizards. And they are all full of diversity in their living populations. For even these part of the country to function, we rely on what these animals do to the environment. If it was just us humans out here, we would probably be in grave danger.

One of my favorite part about living in Oregon is that once I start moving in any direction, at some point, I will certainly fall off of the beaten bath and practically be exploring parts of the state that may not have been touched in years. People, including myself sometimes fail to realize just how big this world is, and how small we have confided ourselves into living in these densely populated cities. People can forget just how vast and diverse the rest of the ecosystem is, and are surprised and taken aback when something as simple as a fox or a pheasant crosses paths with them. For even the common animals in this world are unrecognizable by those who have lived their whole lives in the city.dirt path

This world is certainly fast paced, and I love when people come to the Cadillac Ranch for the purpose of separating themselves from their rat race money chasing life, and come out to enjoy the peace that the nature around Oregon has to offer. And the best part is, that when you come here, you can see it all at a fast pace by hopping on a motorcycle or quad. 

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