New Terrain

Each day is a new day, and a chance to create a new memory. Mix it up a little bit. If you do a specific activity all the time, like play basketball, or go for a jog, try it in a new terrain, it will certainly be a new highlight for you. When we get into the habit of routine, surprises happen less frequently, day’s start to blend together, and everything starts to become a little bit boring.

Do you remember back in middle school, when there was assigned seating. At my middle school, the teacher would have all of the students move desks every few weeks. I didn’t know why, or understand back then, but I was always excited when I got a new spot in the classroom.

Trying out new things, and switching up your environment just a little bit can definitely increase the likelihood that you will remember a certain event. Even when I recall memories back when I was in middle school, I usually can recollect my memories from the spot I was in when I viewed something going on. By being able to recall the spot of the memory, it is easier for me to distinguish exactly what the time frame of the incident was, and where I was when the action took place. If we were always in the same spot in the classroom for the entire year, it may have been much harder for me to recall these memories because my viewpoints could have blended together.newer terrain

The same goes for adults, teens, and children. By switching up your viewpoints and experiences, it creates the chance for a new distinguished memory to take place, and create a pivotal moment in your life. If you are a regular visitor to the Cadillac Ranch, we ask that you go explore the entirety of the terrain out here, see what gets you tick, and see if there is a chance that there is something else you like to do when riding instead of go around the same track day in and day out for the entirety of the day.

newest terrain

We also hope that our frequent visitors are giving other locations a chance. We are certainly happy that we are a fan favorite of many motor sports enthusiasts, but we also know that there are tons of terrains out there that deserve to be explored too. And by mixing it up, it gives us the chance to be viewed as a distinguishable memory if you are visiting other places as well as the Cadillac Ranch.

I fancy myself as somewhat of an explorer and a traveler. I have definitely learned over the years of living all around the united States that there are so many different environments, and each state has a different ecosystem that can not even compare to another. There is something that makes each location unique, and we want everyone to create unique memories as well. There is no need to continue to be repetitive throughout the day when adventure awaits your free terrain

If you do plan to come down to Cadillac Ranch, change up what you have normally been doing out here. If you are a frequent racer, or track rider, go on an exploration and ride around the rest of the property. Visit corners that you have yet been to, and we want everyone to try to create a new memory the next time that they are out here.

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