Chilling With Friends

In Oregon, CA, it’s definitely a chill friendly environment. Many people who live here are ex Nor Cal and other big city folk who wanted to get away from the massive cities and get a chance to enjoy the ecosystem. I mean, at least that’s what brought me here.

In Oregon, prices are relatively low, and we have the luxury of having so many nearby areas in the state that are uninhabited by humans, and full of various types of fauna.There are also a lot of mountains, abstract landscapes, densely populated forests full of tall trees, and the state is certainly for those who consider themselves to be the outdoorsy type of people.beaten path

if you are a single lad or lady in Oregon, and you are looking for something to do with a first date, I think there is no better way to enjoy a first date than getting to know each other on a hike or a walk around some of Oregon’s many ecosystems, It’s one thing to sit at a restaurant, surrounding by other people, with little to no privacy, it’s totally another to be able to release yourself to the world and share your thoughts and feelings with another person without the possibility of getting interrupted by a waiter or some other random disturbance.

If your a bro, and you’re tired of just playing video games and going to the gym every day with your other bros, you bros should go climb a mountain, or even a volcano. There are plenty of things for guys, and gals alike to do if you want to spend some more time outside. I could name a few, but I probably would go on a super long tangent about every little aspect of every activity that I like to do outside with my bros, ladies, children, and parents.pueblo mountains

If you’re just looking for a way to hangout with a friend, step outside of the city or the suburb that you are in. More than likely, the area near you has industrialized, and you are probably on property without too much of an exciting landscape, few to none animals to stumble upon, and no means of actually feeling apart of an ecosystem. There are tons of rivers and small streams throughout Oregon, and usually there are plenty of cities and towns close by. I often will look up on a map or google images to see if I can see any signs of rivers or streams to go check out on an available day. Even just doing that will get you to be able to separate from the rest of the world for a little bit, and possibly even bring a little bit of sanity to your life. I consider many people who do not explore a little bit to be insane since they do not nearly understand what their place is in the world. To fully be able to appreciate that feeling, it takes an experience, to get that experience, you gotta leave your house. If you need some help on where to start, just visit us at the Cadillac Ranch and ask the people who hang out there frequently what they do with their free time. You’ll find that there are bunch of explorers and possibly you can even get a partner to show you around the state a little bit!

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  1. With my wife and I sometimes it only takes a random walk through the forest or to walk by a babbling brook to reset the stress meter of everyday life.

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