The First Dirtbike Posse

I’ve started a new squad of riders. We like to call ourselves, ‘The Prevailing Storm’ and comprises David, Samuel, James, and Ryan.
I got my first Honda dirt bike as a birthday gift from my dad, when I turned fifteen years of age. Dirt bikes had always been a source of attraction for me, right from my baby years. Though Mom was very much against gifting a dirt bike to me, but Dad had his own logic. He successfully convinced Mom that letting your youngster have a dirt bike as an endowment is an impressive way to educate him, as to how to be dependable.

According to my dad, a youngster will develop a sense of authority, keeping in view the fact that it is his bike, and not only is he supposed to look after it, but is also expected to keep it in a good condition on a perpetual basis. Laying down the basic rules unequivocally, and ensuring that he makes out what is required from him, is a remarkable way to coach him.

Also, in agreement with my dad, dirt bike is such a useful means of transportation that will permit him to accomplish what he takes pleasure in. So that’s how I became a possessor of a magnificent Honda dirtbikes. Some of my buddies were already in possession of their respective bikes, while some purchased it from the money they earned by doing odd jobs. During our free time, all of us would ride our bikes in the form of a group and had great fun because we found it to be very audacious and the amusement allied with this sport could barely be accessible in other sorts of games. I must admit that my dad made it a point to stand by our side to ensure that we were well-versed to tackle any likely difficulty in our bikes that could appear any time. He trained the entire Prevailing Storm group to detect troubles and tribulations and taught us to repair them discreetly. Mostly, it was David’s bike that created much problems; besides David was a touchy guy (probably because he had lost his mum to breast malignancy during his baby years and was brought up by his grandma) so Dad was exceptionally gentle with David and taught him to make certain each bolt was taut to the extent that he would not mislay his control during the ride. Inspection of the tautness of chain and making certain that engine oil was adequate and unsullied were also among the outstanding features of our coaching agenda by my Dad. He provided us awareness regarding a firm bottoming of our dirt bikes to guarantee opposition for tough strikes specifically while on the bypasses and bifurcations.

Since our surroundings were exceedingly awesome, therefore steering the bikes via muddy land and all through the slants produced exceedingly daring and scary deeds. My dad was always there to teach us unfussy measures and ways to increase speed, to decelerate and to bring to a standstill. He also taught us to overtake hurdles to get to the peak levels—-all that was truly very tricky and courageous.

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