Mud Quad Racing

If you ever interested in quad racing or even better yet off road mud quad racing then we got you covered.  We have all the best race tracks and mud hazes you could ever imagine.  Everything is needed at our race track, just bring your quads and gear!  I can’t think of a more fun way to spend your hot summer day than by coming down to our race track and getting your ATV on!
Whether you’re looking to ride ATV’s or have a ATV party we got you covered.  It’s always a good time to go race in our mud haze field.  People often always wonder why mud races are more fun than regular race tracks.  The answer is simple, slipping and sliding on ATVS is way more challenging and fun than regular dirty paths.  Don’t forget to bring your camper when you bring your family with you.  Of course, just like motocross racing it’s important to bring company, food, drinks, and music.  If you like outdoor extreme sports that’s what you need.
quad and dog

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Trail Riding

Out her on the caddy ranch, there is a lot of space to roam around. We own about 1,000 acres of property, and it’s practically isolation out here. Miles away from the nearest road leaves a lot of space for some fun riding and motor sport action. We have a couple tracks set up for the motocross and atv racers and plenty more for the bigger vehicles, like rally car racing and dune buggy drifting.

With all these space, it is nearly impossible to build tracks and jumps across the whole property. It is somewhat of a mountainous area out here with trees everywhere as well as wildlife. Since you would be hard pressed to find yourself intruding on someone else’s property, we have fashioned out some trails for your to ride when you get bored from hitting the jumps and racing your compadres.

quad fun riding

The trails are not necessarily made my plan, more as default. As we have more and more riders coming by every year, you can’t help but go off roading a little bit. There isn’t much more an exhuberant feeling then digging out some land and creating a new path that has never been done before. Over the years these new tracks become part of an offroad trail that leads away from the main ones, and sometimes people will build their own little makeshift jumps and turns along the way. We absolutely encourage anyone to create your own dirtbike or quad paradise out in the middle of the country and have as much fun as you can manage!

Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, our family vacations consisted of exploring the open land of the state. We would take our dirtbikes, our quads, and our families and go explore the north, the south, the east, and the west of our starting point of the Missouri River. One of the most special parts of riding these trails was the vastness and the the thick layers of trees as we peered deeply into the forests ahead. We could be riding for miles and have no recollection of where we just came from because seeing so many trees causes us to lose some familiarity with our surroundings. These trips instilled in me that the best form of riding is trail riding. The explorer in me just had a passion for discovery, and each one of these trips was full of it. If I could choose something to do for the rest of my life, regardless of money. It would be exploring the entire United States land with just me, my wife, and my dirt bikes.

atv riding farms

Part of the fun of trail riding is not knowing what is going to be around the bend. All of the trails and land is safe for riding, but it can become a little exciting. One of the most exciting parts is turning a corner and not knowing what to expect. As you ride trails, you will find that nothing is familiar as it is with a track. On a trail, each piece of land you ride over is an accomplishment within itself. If you are of the explorer breed, come out and enjoy this nice parcel of property. You can bet your bottom dollar that it will be an exciting journey that you and your friends, and your family will certain cherish for your life times. Come on by to the Caddy Ranch!

Dirt Bike Fun

motocross track racing
Are you interested in off road motocross racing? What about mud motocross racing?  If yes, then you’re in luck.  Our facilities are the best in the area without a doubt.  Whether you’re looking to ride and race by yourself or maybe you have a group, we’ve got you covered.  We’re extremely popular in the area for our famous race tracks so you might need to schedule weeks in advance.  A typical day at the racetrack is a dirty one.  It’s important to always be prepared by bringing an extra pair of clothes, your clothes will get dirty.  Vital accessories like water, extra towels, and extra food can go a long way as well.
It’s important to know how to ride motocross as well.  The problem most people have is they think we supply the motocross bikes for customers.  Wrong, we only provide the race track to have fun on.  Bringing your own camper and motocross bikes is the first job.  After you have those you’re free to have as much fun as possible on our tracks.  Most people like to ride for a couple hours and then sit back and relax with their friends and family, exactly why you should bring a camper.
Jams don’t forget jams.  It’s so crucial to bring your own jams when you’re getting down and dirty on our race tracks.  Music is so important to have because it loosens you up and makes the day a lot more fun.  Without the music the day is dull on our tracks and there’s really no rhythm to vibe off of.  Be careful though.  A lot of people like to blast music.  It can get competitive for music playing when it’s a hot, summer day.  Hot summer days pose the best for riding on the race tracks and letting loose.  Without our world class race tracks and staff it’s very difficult to find any other motocross park that comes close to what we have to offer.  Look around in the area, you won’t find anyone remotely close.
It may be tough to find the right balance between having fun and motor cross being dangerous.  We’ve had motor cross customers that have a little too much fun and end hurting themselves or other customers.  This is why we have a strict no alcohol policy for any and all motocross customers.  It’s imperative to keep our customers safe and the company name safe from any lawsuits.  And believe me we’ve had unnecessary ones.  We like our customers and do everything we can to ensure their health and well being.  After all we are responsible for any and all accidents that take place on our mud and dirt tracks.  Again we don’t provide any motor cross bikes or safety equipment for any riders so it can be tricky to watch everyone.  It’s difficult to maintain everyone’s safety when it’s the weekend and there’s hundreds of people out riding around.  One slip up can cause many more to get hurt, it’s like a domino effect in the motocross world.  It’s okay though, they happen all the time and it’s hard to avoid.