What Kind of Car Should I Buy?

Since we are all about the kind of cars to play, we thought for our modest minded people, we should help them figure out what kind of car they should buy for their everyday usage. So without further adieu, here is an article about picking the right kind of car to use this year.

Choosing the right car to own is a very hard task to do.  There are several factors to consider when car shopping.  The two biggest factors when purchasing a car is getting a price and test driving.  Without the price and test driving the car the car shopper robs themselves of making an informed purchase decision.  At that point there essentially giving up to the car salesman.  Having the car salesman take over the situation is the last thing you want.  Test driving a desired car and getting a price on the vehicle are the two main reasons people car shop in person.  All other factors like money and financing come after a customer has selected a car and test driven it.
Once a potential customer has test driven a specific make and model the numbers can be talking about.  Once everyone has sat down and comprehended the numbers the customer has all the control to make the purchase.  When a salesman makes a potential customer feel good and want to buy the car he/she has done everything in there power.  Buying a car can really be an easy thing to do, but people don’t understand it’s at tough process that often times takes days.  Most people look around and shop for cars for days.  Customers like to feel like they have multiple options to consider before making the big purchase.
Rarely do people ever consider the best times of the year to purchase a car.  It’s very important to never buy unless it’s the perfect time.  For any intelligent car buyer they know summertime is the best time.  Summertime is considered prime time because the best deals are given to potential customers.  More specifically, Fourth of July sale gives everyone the best deal whatsoever.  Fourth of July is the one time a year dealerships are willing to budge and give lower prices for most vehicles.  Of course it’s very difficult for car dealerships to deal with potential customers looking up car values on Kelley blue book or any other car site.
Lastly, it’s important to distinguish two different types of car buyers.  The first type of car buyer is the broke, poor, no money car buyer.  As a car salesman this is the last thing you want coming in the front.  There is nothing worse than wasting your time with an unqualified buyer.  It’s a tricky situation wondering if customers are qualified or not for a car purchase.  Ideally you want a qualified buyer that has a good credit score, money for down payments, and a desire to have a car.  Buyers with money drive the cash register for any dealership.  It’s advantageous for car buyers to buy from a direct dealership because service checks are available when needed.  If you end up buying without a dealership the world isn’t over.  Craigslist is a great option, but you never have the luxury of driving up to a service station to get your car checked up.  Be wise and only make informed decisions when deciding to buy the right car.